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by on July 8, 2022

2020 Cheap Jordans, With the continuous development of sneakers, while ensuring the classic shape, more sneakers with special functions have also come out. Just like the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5 with Gore-Tex waterproof technology. A Winterized version of the Air Jordan 3, which was previously exposed for winter, has recently ushered in the latest physical foot. As an artifact to keep out the cold in winter, I believe that after the release, it will become the autumn and winter god shoes in the minds of many players! The overall material is very different from the general Air Jordan 3. The upper is made of suede of different colors. The color matching adopts the popular earth color system, which meets the wearing needs of autumn and winter. It is not difficult to see the effect of the upper foot. The overall is basically the same as the regular version, but it pays more attention to the functionality of the upper foot in winter. For friends who are looking for warmth, they may wish to pay more attention at that time.
New Jordan Release, Among the many Jordan Brand shoes, the Air Jordan 2 has not received much attention, but it has been favored this year. Not only the new color matching is dazzling, but several blockbuster joint names have brought this pair of relatively unpopular genuine shoes into the field of view of sneaker players. This is not the end. Recently, another pair of Shelflife x Air Jordan 2 Low made with South African street shops has released the real thing. With the orange and white decorations that symbolize the Shelflife store, the color scheme is a bit exotic. It can be seen from the current physical objects that the upper is covered with a lizard skin texture and suede material, creating the high-quality texture of Air Jordan 2 as always. The low-top shoe does not look so bloated, I believe it will dispel the concerns of many players. There are "TEAM" & "ONLY" words on the inside of the tongue respectively, and the specific meaning still needs to be further explained by the official. Two shoelaces are included with the shoes to provide players with more matching options.
2022 New Jordan, The re-enactment rule of James's original boots, the editor has found it! That is: there are no rules, jumping left and right, hee hee. At present, the original generations that have been re-engraved include AZG, LBJ3, LBJ7, LBJ8, and LBJ9. The 4th generation that everyone is thinking about is skipped directly. I thought that it was the 10th generation's turn, but turned my head and started to start with the second generation. As the second-generation signature boots of the little emperor that year, the first re-engraved color matching this year is the PE version that was not commercially available that year, and the actual official map has just been exposed. The large-area nylon mesh surface of platinum is matched with laser leather and exaggerated ankle straps to release a domineering and tough appearance. In terms of configuration, in the midsole Cage frame, the double air-chamber Zoom air cushion in the forefoot and the super-thick horseshoe-shaped Zoom air cushion in the back palm are wrapped, showing the full sincerity of Nike. I hope this re-engraving can bring back the essence of OG. The official image of the second re-engraved Nike LeBron 2 "Maccabi" was released. It can be seen that the shoelace buckle and the metal ring of the ankle strap bring back the golden dress of PE at that time. The shoe box packaging also flows out, continuing the OG laser pattern in 2004.

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