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by on January 26, 2021

After the exposure of the exclusive Dunk Low for Valentine's Day in 2021, another Valentine's Day theme Air Max 90 appeared online recently. The design of this new Nike Air Max 90 is similar to Dunk Low. Both are presented in white pink color and red dress, with a strong and romantic Valentine's Day atmosphere. The highlight of this Air Max 90 is that the “love letter” design is hidden in the tongue part, and the hidden “love” can be found by opening the hidden button.
Coffee-related shoes performed well at Nike. After the recent advent of Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha and Nike Dunk Low Mocha, Air Force 1 now has its own coffee-themed shoes. The Nike Air Force 1 Low Coffee is once again a feast! Nike recently added many details and characteristics in its release, which is also reflected in this pair of shoes. The most striking is the kitten depicted on the insole. Anyone who likes Japanese Hello Kitty or the Internet will be happy to see this kitten relaxing in a cup of coffee. We also saw off-white, dark brown uppers with the words "Nike Baked" printed on the heel. On the heel, we see the old NIKE font, and the outsole of the shoe is dark spotted glue. The kicking club will appear sometime this year, watch us closely and have a cup of coffee at the same time!
It keeps many Air Jordan 4 enthusiasts busy for a long time. The Jordan 4 "Taupe Thunderstorm" will be released on February 27 and will have a "rip" on it, according to Nike. Other designs are hidden under the outer layer of the upper. Until this week, it was not clear which design will be below this layer. Nike has not released any photos yet. Now, we can see the photo, the outer layer of the upper has been removed from the shoe. We worry about busy or unexpected designs, but fortunately this is not the case. In similar brown tones, the color of the suede upper is the same, while the color of the suede panel is slightly lighter. We think this is cool! Whether it is better than the outer layer of the upper, it is difficult for us to say.

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