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by on August 24, 2021

Nike Air Force 1 has dozens of simple and themed choices throughout the year. Bruce Kilgore's iconic design incorporates some of the cold weather details provided by Nike Sportswear's "Toasty" series in its latest proposition. Expressed by the brand logo on the artificial fur lining insole, the "Toasty" function of this pair of shoes can be achieved through a quilted base, a lined collar and a fabric covering. The combination of the "Black/White" Sail color scheme does not boast the claims of other claims in the series, but it makes it easier to clean up any element. In addition to providing cold-proof makeup, the newly launched Nike Air Force 1 further promotes the brand's "moving to zero" initiative, using Nike Grind material on the outsole.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Nike has been in a state of restlessness, eager to further develop its most iconic style, until it is completely unrecognizable. Here, Air Force 1 Utility 2.0 is very close to this goal, because most of its fixtures-mainly the soles-have been completely revised. As part of a possible debut, the color scheme provides a more interesting appearance relative to its white counterpart. The entire shoe upper adopts the "Arctic Pink" hue, which is almost tan under certain lighting conditions. It is widely worn and colored for Swoosh, just like it is a tumbling leather covering, straps, etc. On the other hand, the metal buckle contrasts with the standard silver metal, and the sole is similar in strength to its rubber sole.
Retro Jordan 2021, With Russell Westbrook opening a new chapter in purple and gold, it is very appropriate for the Jordan brand to update his signature collection. Here, we are witnessing the third evolution of the affordable Westbrook One Take. From a design point of view, One Take 3 is very different from the previous two products. But despite being unique in materials and paneling, the overall shape is still somewhat familiar, providing a fairly smooth appearance from heel to toe. In addition to the more obvious arch and transparent covering, even the tools are roughly the same, and the Zoom Air on the forefoot maintains the same bounce as the previous model. The mesh, which previously dominated the entire upper, is now downgraded to the tongue, whose texture contrasts directly with the smooth, polished synthetic material found on the outside. In terms of color matching, these shoes are mainly neutral colors, and most of the background colors are black and gray. Then, the popularity of salmon meal filled the gaps, highlighting the entire external brand.
jordan shoes 2019, Sisterhood and feminine sacredness are concepts that Nike has only recently begun to deal with. In the past, the industry and its products were dominated by men, which meant that most of the best launches and collaborations lacked accessibility. But in recent years, fortunately, this situation has begun to change, and this Air Max 97 will soon be on par with many women’s exclusive sales. The color scheme called "sisterhood" combines flowers, but it is not a stereotype. The overall use is a more universally attractive pink: for example, most of the upper layer is decorated in salmon color, while the lace unit and lining are in darker, hotter tones. Then, cream suede and mesh cloth complete the structure elsewhere, providing a clean, almost luxurious feel. More importantly, to further celebrate the chosen theme, the tag with the "SISTER" logo is decorated with rose gold.

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