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by on November 26, 2021

New Jordan 2020, The patch suddenly became an important part of Nike's toolbox, dressing up many of the brand's "sports club" products. Here, they again equipped the Air Force 1 with accessories, but this time they spelled out "Hoops" instead of paying tribute to a fictitious organization. However, the similarities with the aforementioned packages are not over yet. The color itself connects red, white and blue together, providing patriotic colors regardless of the color. In this regard, these Air Force 1s offer very little supplementation, with their black and white bases with purple and orange brands respectively. In addition, the darker of the two includes olive, which dyes the lining, heel label, and outsole; the lighter pair changes these same fixtures to black.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Nike began to take a simple approach in Air Max Plus, mainly with neutral colors. This applies to this latest color scheme, which embellishes its black with subtle "university blue". The latter is only found on two main points, namely the outsole and the perforations, which make the fixtures complement the monotonous accent. The darker "Royal Blue" complements the adjacent gradient TPU frame and the slabs along the arch. Black and gray make up the rest of the upper, the latter along the fender/heel, while the former is near anywhere else. Then everything is placed on the visual standard white midsole.
Retro Jordan 2021, Sports shoes and boots are back. adidas Yeezy couldn't make this point clearer. Even Nike rejoined, increasing their options by nearly ten times. Here, Air Force 1 appears in another boot-like form, this time adding sustainable elements to the combination. The brand has gone all out on its midsole with Grind structure, and collages may be the largest number of scraps so far. Above, the Nike logo on the heel uses a similar design, while the refurbished outsole provides a more typical composition. At the collar, recycled wool is always used, and its gray-based thread is full of red, blue and other colors. As for the rest of the upper, leather and synthetic materials do not have any obvious signs of reuse, but they have brand new panels. The AF1 we ​​are familiar with is gone; instead, the look has become more futuristic, with a Geely shoelace system, a reinforced heel, and a fender full of the same stars used under the feet.

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