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by on December 21, 2021

New Jordan 2020, A few days ago, we knew very little about the major sports shoe trends of 2022. However, one thing has been determined, and 100%: Air Jordan 1 will always be the protagonist of the game. At the same time, the Swoosh brand and its well-known subsidiaries began to announce their strategic outline for further development of the cult model in 1985, confirming that it will last at least 12 months in the spotlight. We will not complain, not only because we are one of his unconditional fans, but most importantly because of all his upcoming new versions, there are some very successful retro high OG versions in color, most faithful to that version Michael Jordan The one that was once worn on the NBA court.
2020 Cheap Jordans, The great thing about vintage silhouettes is that they usually come with easy-to-customize designs. Sometimes you can even put on one or two natural fusion colors for them to infuse them with fresh breath. This Air Jordan 1 "Brotherhood" perfectly illustrates this point. But judge for yourself. Be careful, don’t get me wrong, this Air Jordan 1 ”Brotherhood” may seem simple, but it actually has a long history. More precisely, this is a tribute to Michael Jordan's academic past. The duo of yellow and purple contrasts sharply with the white base. It is indeed inspired by the color of Omega Psi Phi, which was founded by Frank Coleman in 1911 and MJ was a member of the fraternity during UNC (University of North Carolina) Please note that Omega Psy Phi is considered to be the first fraternal organization to appear in a black university in history. Therefore, AJ1 ``Brotherhood'' is not a tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers, because his Airness has never evolved there, so it is even more surprising.
Retro Jordan 2021, That's it, we can now look ahead to 2022 and calmly predict the major sneakers that will be released in the next 12 months. Among the models that will still be the front page of Sneaker Style, it is obviously the Air Jordan 1. What else? Michael Jordan's first signature shoe is a symbol of classic retro style. The successor of its creator, Peter Moore, has powerful facilities to revisit and has a powerful effect. At the time of writing, an excellent Air Jordan 1 ”Patent Bred” is also about to be launched, marking 2021 in the most beautiful way. But, as you understand, this is a not-so-close future issue, and therefore another version of the cult silhouette that has been eagerly awaited in 1985.
jordan shoes 2019, Since its spectacular launch on NBA courts, AJ1 has never disappeared from circulation at the foot of the Chicago Bulls’ former iconic number 23. On the contrary, it has become a must-have sneaker for Nike and thousands of sneaker lovers, who will appreciate the charm of this new "Dark Marina Blue" version with real value. The release of the last iteration of Air Jordan 1 originally scheduled to be released on January 15, 2022 has been postponed for one month, undoubtedly to better stagger the many new features that Nike and Jordan have prepared for this year’s 2022. The same, of course, in the hat superior. Take a good look at this, because you will have more time to save in order to provide it to yourself. Especially because the pair is really successful. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Dark Marina Blue", as its name implies, is presented in an ascending leather structure faithful to the original 1985 model. The designer of the equipment supplier painted it with a layer of black and navy blue that is both charming and always sober. Midsole. The outsole is decorated with almost logical blue reminders.

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