by on June 13, 2021
Retro Jordan 2021, Although Nike Dunk currently seems to be all the rage, the Air Jordan 1 has maintained a high popularity in recent years. In addition to the Court Purple 1s just released a week ago, Jumpman will also release the Air Jordan 1 "Light Fusion Red" tomorrow, as part of the Jordan Brand 2021 summer retro series, full series and plus size women's clothing. The vibrant arrangement sees a sharp white leather base in sharp contrast with the striking "Light Fusion Red" overlay. To furth...
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by on January 8, 2021
At first it seemed like the one for me. It had cushy straps that seemed wide enough not to sever my shoulders. It had thick underwires strong enough for a space shuttle (but made for a woman... ). It wasn't very pretty, though, a characteristic that many of the "big" ones share. I wanted a pretty bra even though my husband's opinion on bras is: "It's what's inside that counts". What I thought was the perfect bra made me feel supported, and I even looked a little thinner with everything in ...
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