by on March 1, 2021
The Nike Air Huarache OG Scream Green was originally released in 1991 to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and the pair will return this year. This Nike Air Huarache comes in white, screaming green, royal blue and black colors. The shoes were last released in 2014. The entire upper is made of leather and neoprene, while the booties and tongue are decorated in blue and green. Finally, a white midsole and black rubber outsole complete the look. This legendary look appeared for the last time in 2014,...
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by on February 27, 2021
Air Jordan 1 has brought a new color scheme earlier and has attracted much attention, and more details have been exposed in the near future. Although they don't have the same commemorative tag, the couple logically reminds us of "To My First Coach" who only showed up last month. The entire upper is decorated with pastel tones, yellow on the eye area, pink on the counter, and light blue on the toes. Elsewhere, white neutrals dominate, swinging between the leather forefoot and center panel and the...
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by on January 26, 2021
After the exposure of the exclusive Dunk Low for Valentine's Day in 2021, another Valentine's Day theme Air Max 90 appeared online recently. The design of this new Nike Air Max 90 is similar to Dunk Low. Both are presented in white pink color and red dress, with a strong and romantic Valentine's Day atmosphere. The highlight of this Air Max 90 is that the “love letter” design is hidden in the tongue part, and the hidden “love” can be found by opening the hidden button. Coffee-related shoes perf...
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